MiniAZ Go-To wifi mount without tripod


MiniAZ Go-To wifi mount without portable tripod

The new SkyWatcher Mini AZ-GTi Wifi ultra-portable mount WITHOUT tripod. The cheapest and most revolutionary solution for the nomadic astronomer!


To expand its range of mounts, Sky-Watcher offers a new model for users of binoculars and telescopes interested in observing during both day and night. The SkyWatcher Mini AZ GOTO WIFI mount is a GOTO mount with a database, enabling automatic location of astronomical objects.

The AZ-GTi Wifi GOTO mount is therefore an altazimuth mount, the simplest, most comfortable, and versatile system to use, motorized in both axes and equipped with its own Wifi network. With your smartphone (Google Android or Apple iOS) and the free SynScan app, you can easily control your mount without needing to use any cables!

After entering the coordinates into the app and following the alignment procedure, you can explore the Universe with your smartphone or tablet. There’s no need to be familiar with the sky thanks to the database of over 10,000 objects… and using the dual-axis motor will prevent the need to manually compensate for the Earth’s rotation. The SkyWatcher AZ GOTO WIFI mount, AZ-GTi, even allows you to use SkyWatcher’s Freedom-Find™ technology to manually move your instrument without losing positioning (in other types of mounts, if you disengage the axes to make a manual movement, the telescope loses alignment and the process must be repeated). This way, you have maximum freedom and flexibility during your observations.

With a payload capacity of 5 kg (with an optional male Vixen-type dovetail), you can use binoculars up to 100/120 mm in diameter or Maksutovs up to 127mm, and small Newtonian telescopes. It’s a perfect equipment for the nomadic observer.

Technical Specifications:

  • Mount Type: Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi WIFI GOTO mount
  • Automation GOTO
  • Payload Capacity: 5kg
  • Motorization: DC Servo-Motor on both axes.
  • Controller: via the free SynScan App (iOS or Android) or optional SynScan control handset.
  • Database in SynScan App: +40,000 objects including Messier, NGC, IC, Caldwell catalogs. 305 stars by name, 55 double stars, Planets, Moon, and Sun.
  • Alignment: Brightest-Star or North-Level
  • Other features of the SynScan App: Best objects of the night, object identification, internet control, PAE (pointing accuracy enhancement).
  • Pointing Accuracy: 10” arc RMS
  • Resolution: Encoders with 2,073,600 pulses/revolution (0.625 arc seconds)
  • Pointing Type: Freedom-Find™ Dual-Encoder Technology
  • Tracking Type: Sidereal, Lunar, Solar
  • Speed Range: from 0.5x to 800x
  • Connection port for SynScan control handset Camera shutter release port (optional cable) Integrated Wifi module 12V power socket
  • Vixen-type dovetail
  • Mount weight: 1.3kg Tripod weight: 2.6kg Total weight: 3.9kg
  • Power supply: 12V DC (optional battery cable or powertank) or AA batteries (8 AA/LR6 not included)




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