Meet our team!

Hi, it’s nice of you to drop by! We are here to take for one of the best adventures of your life! An adventure beyond the sky!

But who are we?

We organize many astronomical activities, be it observation session or a cruise under the stars but our main base of operations is our astronomy dedicated Finca Astronomica located in Campo de Cartagena close to the town La Aljorra. In the Finca we welcome you with delicious food, drinks, bonfire and a variety of astronomical tools and gadgets.

As we are all recognized animal lovers, there are friendly and well cared for animals in the Finca. They have really big spaces where people can easily enter and interact with them in their own environment.

Foundation Astronomy and Science Centre

Our activity is supported by Astronomy and Science Centre Foundation known for it’s amazing work in promotion of astronomy and astronomy related topics. Read more about the Astronomy and Science Centre Foundation and maybe you decide, like us, to take part in promoting and popularizing love to the stars and knowledge about our planet and it’s place in the universe.

To read more about Astronomy and Science Centre Foundation, click here.

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Visit our shop and see all the cool things we are offering there. A big part of our profit from the shop goes directly to support the Foundation.

Where are we located?

Here’s a link where you can find a location of our Finca Astronomica!


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