Dobson 305/1500 Flex tube Go-To Wif


Embark on Deep-Space Exploration with the SkyWatcher Dobson BK 12 Go-To Wi-Fi Telescope

The SkyWatcher Dobson BK 12 Go-To Wi-Fi Telescope is a spectacular instrument for deep-space observation, offering exceptional quality and advanced features. With its SynScanTM AZ control system, this telescope enables precise targeting of celestial objects, revolutionizing your stargazing experience.


**Portable Observatory:**

Experience the birth of a portable astronomical observatory with the exciting series of SkyWatcher DOBSON telescopes featuring Go-To functionality. Explore the wonders of the Universe, from nebulae to star clusters and galaxies, with ease. The patented retractable Dobson tube system ensures unparalleled portability and optical performance.

**Effortless Setup and Calibration:**

Designed for convenience, the Dobson BK 12 Go-To Wi-Fi Telescope features a two-piece compact design that requires minimal assembly time. Once assembled, collimating the telescope is a straightforward process, providing optimal performance throughout the night. The patented tension adjustment clutch allows users to fine-tune friction for smooth tracking without perfect balance.

**Advanced Control and Navigation:**

Navigate the cosmos with precision using the SynScanTM AZ control panel, which offers a comprehensive database of over 42,900 celestial objects. Easily point and go with the intuitive menu system, featuring Brightest-Star alignment and Two-Star alignment methods for seamless setup. The dual-encoder design allows manual movement without realignment, enhancing user convenience.

**Integrated Wi-Fi Module:**

The Dobson BK 12 Go-To Wi-Fi Telescope comes equipped with an integrated Wi-Fi adapter, allowing wireless control of your SkyWatcher Go-To mount using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the SynScan app from Google Play or the Apple App Store to enjoy seamless connectivity and access to the extensive object database for effortless observation.

**Astrophotography-Ready Design:**

Capture stunning images of the cosmos with the Dobson BK 12 Go-To Wi-Fi Telescope’s astrophotography-ready design. Featuring a Newtonian reflector optical system, 305mm diameter, and 1500mm focal length, this telescope offers exceptional light-gathering capabilities and impressive resolution for imaging deep-space objects. The telescope includes SP10 and SP26 eyepieces, along with an 8×50 finder scope, essential for astrophotography.

**Technical Specifications:**

  • Optical Design: Newtonian Reflector
  • Diameter: 305mm
  • Focal Length: 1500mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/4.9
  • Maximum Recommended Magnification: 610x
  • Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 14.5
  • Resolution Power: 0.39 arc seconds
  • Eyepiece Holder: 2″ (with adapter to 1.25″)- Tube Dimensions: 450 x (920mm-1400mm)
  • Weight: 21Kg
  • Eyepieces: SP10 and SP26
  • Finder: 8×50
  • Mount: Retractable 12” Dobson (Collapsible)

Unleash your passion for astronomy and explore the depths of space with the SkyWatcher Dobson BK 12 Go-To Wi-Fi Telescope. Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or a beginner, this telescope offers the perfect combination of precision, portability, and advanced technology to elevate your stargazing adventures.




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