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Join us for an enchanting celestial evening at Finca Astronomica, where the magic of the recent Perseid Meteor Shower peak lingers in the night sky. Exclusively for adults, this event promises a night of wonder, excitement, and stargazing under the stars. Secure your spot now for a celestial experience like no other! 🌠🔭

Start of the event: one and a half hours before sunset, 5 hours.

As we bask in the aftermath of the Perseid Meteor Shower's peak, prepare for an enchanting celestial experience at Finca Astronomica! 🌠 Set against the backdrop of the recent cosmic spectacle, this special event promises an evening filled with wonder, excitement, and celestial marvels, exclusively for adults.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the night sky with our captivating observation program, offering glimpses of shooting stars and telescope views of distant galaxies, nebulas, and more. 🌌 Throughout the night, guests are encouraged to gaze upwards, where the meteor shower remnants will continue to paint the sky with their celestial display, providing a breathtaking spectacle for all to enjoy.

While you marvel at the celestial spectacle, take a moment to unwind and enjoy the ambiance, perhaps with a glass of wine in hand, surrounded by fellow astronomy enthusiasts. 🍷 Indulge in delightful conversations and share in the excitement of witnessing the wonders of the universe unfold above.

Extend your celestial adventure by spending the night in our charming glamping pods or spacious yurts, where you can drift off to sleep under the star-studded sky. 🌟 Awaken to the gentle sounds of nature, with the promise of a leisurely morning ahead.

With dinner and drinks included in the package, this event offers the perfect opportunity to indulge your senses and connect with the cosmos in a serene and adult-only setting. 🌠 Don't miss your chance to be part of this celestial celebration! Secure your spot now and prepare to be dazzled by the lingering magic of the Perseid Meteor Shower. 🌌🔭

- telescope observations of the Moon
- water and juice
- bonfire with marshmallows
- Fun activities in the Finca

- transport (there is no transport option provided)
- night stay and breakfast (have to be extra purchased)

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After an enchanting evening under the stars at our astronomy events, retreat to our cozy wooden glamping pods or spacious yurts for a night of celestial tranquility. Extend your experience and unwind by the crackling bonfire, gaze up at the starry sky, and wake up to a delightful breakfast as you bask in the serenity of the cosmos.